2019 Croatia Packing List: What To Pack For Croatia

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Quick Guide Of What’s Inside

You’re reading this, which means only one thing – you have a vacation to Croatia booked. Well, congrats! You won’t be disappointed. And, hey, if you’re still deciding, maybe these destinations will sway you.

If you want to fit in with the local women, when deciding on your packing list for Croatia, think seaside glamor and effortless chic. You’ll notice while on vacation in Croatia, that unlike other European cities where stylish local women rarely stray from a subdued navy/gray/black/white palate, Croatian women are not afraid to wear brighter colors, which look fabulous against a Mediterranean tan.

Never sloppy, Croatian women eschew cargo shorts and baggy tee shirts for more streamlined and form-fitting silhouettes.

Considering your summer vacation may take you from a lazy day on the beach to a night out in the city to a hike in the mountains, it can be tricky to know what to wear in Croatia. Try to find outfits that can work for multiple occasions.

The key is picking simple pieces that allow you to dress down for the day and dress up for the evening. Consider getting a packing cube to keep all your outfits organized and your bag neat and tidy for the journey.

General Rules To Consider While Making Your Croatia Packing List

  • Contrary to popular belief it IS acceptable to wear casual clothes during the daytime. So many people ask me about how dressed up you need to be. You don’t.
  • It deserves a mention that after dark, people will wear something much nicer than a cover-up to eat out, but nothing formal. So no need to pack anything too over the top.
  • Ignore any stupid packing list advice that says to bring picnic baskets, sewing kits, mosquito repellent or coffee with you. You can either get it here, or you won’t need it.
  • Think about the weather. There are three different climates in Croatia, and as you drive over the Velebit mountain from the Adriatic coast, the temps drop significantly in cooler months – and you have no sea breeze in the winter. As a general rule, the northern parts of Croatia are cold, and some parts have snowy winters and moderately warm summers. More southerly portions of the country along the Adriatic coast have a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, cool winters, and otherwise pleasant temperatures year round. There are so many variances within that, so do find out before you come in order to know what to pack. Also, keep in mind that we have four seasons – real seasons, not just two like in Australia.
  • Layers for cooler nights. The breeze off the ocean can cause temperatures in seaside cities to drop significant amounts later in the day, so it’s always a good idea to bring a sweater or two.

Rules To Consider While Making A Croatia Packing List For Summer

  • Summer is hot, hot, hot. Peak season months, June through August, can be overwhelmingly hot, especially for visitors from colder climates. Choose light fabrics – they are your friend.
  • Even though summer temperatures range between mid-70s Fahrenheit (25-degree Celsius) and high-80s Fahrenheit (35+ celsius), there can still be rain. Trust me, living in Croatia for the last three years has taught me always to expect some rain during summer. That’s just a fact.
  • Because it is so damn hot, you’ll need a quality sunscreen. LOADS. Add it to your Croatia packing list, as the stuff we have here in Croatia is not as friendly as elsewhere and it’s very expensive. If you do not use it all on your vacation, leave it behind. Your room cleaner will be delighted. I am in love with this Dermalogica Protection SPF50 Sunscreen, and also this kid’s block out.

Rules To Consider While Making Your Croatia Packing List For Spring & Fall

  • These months are cold in the evenings and, depending on where you are, it can also be cold during the day.
  • In both spring and fall, particularly in April and May, there will be rain. It’s always a good idea to dress in layers and bring a sweater. A stylish choice like one from PattyBoutik is a good option.
  • You can leave your strappy shoes at home and wear closed in shoes. It’s really not hot enough.
  • Find clothes that are practical – and beautiful.

Rules To Consider While Making A Croatia Packing List For Winter

Winter jackets or coats are a must. Some places inland, such as the areas around Gorski Kotar and Lika, receive plenty of snow during the colder months.

  • You will definitely need heavier winter wear. In more southern parts of the country near the Adriatic coast, a light jacket or thick sweater and scarf should suffice.
  • By mid-October, we usually get the fire ready on the coast. I get cold. I see tourists wearing t-shirts, and I shudder. You’ll need a coat unless you are from a chilly climate.
  • November, December and January, you will need to pack a big jacket and warm clothing. As soon as the sun sets, it gets icy.
  • If you are going to be in Zagreb, or inland, pack a beanie, gloves, and scarf because it may snow. Women in Zagreb are uber-stylish, so be sure your Croatia packing list has a pair of gloves like these Fratelli Orsini Cashmere Gloves to look sleek and stay warm.

Here are some of our suggestions for what to pack for your summer vacation in Croatia:

While you can quickly pack on the lighter side for your holidays in Croatia, here are some items I recommend you pack:


Find tops here.

A Black Tank Maxi Dress

You can’t go wrong with a Black maxi dress like this or this one for evening meals on the beach and double simple LBD, which is a perfect day dress if worn with simple flat sandals. To transition into night, just throw on a beautiful silk scarf or some bold jewelry. I don’t recommend bringing valuable jewelry or lots of different pieces. Just pick out a couple of statement pieces. Throw on a fun tassel pendant earrings and you are glammed up for a night on the town.

A Denim Jacket For Cool Nights

A little chill in the air while on vacation in Croatia? While you can bring a cardigan or wrap, to add a little edge to your look, add to your packing list a Levi’s Women’s Authentic Trucker Jacket like mine. This works great with the tank dresses or over casual shorts.


Travel pants should be lightweight for comfort and ease of packing. Your traveling pants should fit well and be suited to the type of travel you will be doing. And it’s hot in Croatia, so consider pants that convert to shorts quickly and easily. Travel pants come in many styles for all budgets. Take the time to shop for a pair or two before your next trip.


Stretchy Skinny Jeggings

The best way to maintain a chic look and be comfortable. Just be sure to find a really stretchy pair like these DL skinny jeggings. I have several pairs of jeggings. While technically leggings that I said I’d never wear, these don’t look like it and are comfy. They are, however, not as comfortable as genie pants that are my number #1 go to.

Levi Strauss & Co Women’s Totally Shaping Jegging.


Anatomie Travel Pants

Stylish and oh-so-European, Anatomie’s travel pants will make you blend in like a local.

The Paola Pants are super-flattering travel pants that will have you looking and feeling good. I have them in two sizes. The stretch-woven, fitted cut with a mid-rise wide waistband are perfect for travel in Croatia.

Mix-and-Match Separates

Leave the khaki cargo shorts at home. Why not add to your packing list for Croatia (well, anywhere really) a stylish scalloped edge short? The high waist and pattern keep it current, but it’s still easy to wear for daytime strolls. Instead of a blah tee, pick up an off the shoulder lace detailed top.

Basics like a light camisole are ideal for warm days. I take simple, inexpensive camisoles in multiples, but I always like to have at least one stylish one that can work on the beach or at a trendy restaurant.

Two-Piece Sets

I’m crushin’ on two piece outfits this season. Too bad I am a fat pregnant cow right now. If you get a basic two-piece outfit – a matching twin set or two piece dress – they can all be work mix-n-match style, even to the beach.

A Lightweight, Cross-Body Bag


Why exactly do you need a cross body bag when you venture off somewhere? Why won’t any old bag just do? Well, it comes down to a few different things: firstly, fashion; secondly, functionality; and thirdly, security.

These are all pretty important things when you’re on the go, and for those reasons you need a bag you can trust and that will stand up to the rigors of travel, both the actual getting-from-A-to-B part of the deal and also when you’re out sightseeing.

When I’m traveling and exploring villages, I like to be hands-free and not worry about my handbag. Since I’m going to be lugging it around all day, I want to make sure to get the lightest bag possible. Unfortunately, most nylon “travel” bags are hideously ugly. Add to your packing list for Croatia a bag like this Tory Burch Messenger Crossbody Bag. The bag is trimmed with leather to make it feel more substantial, but the body is all nylon to keep it light (and easy to clean).

Other great cross body bags are this COACH pebbled mini bag. Not too small, and not too big. Or, the one from the Kate Spade Collection.

Sunglasses & Sun Protection

Sun protection is a must. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen with a high SPF are all highly recommended ways to avoid getting sunburned.

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Good quality sunglasses are a must. My current faves are these Ray-Bans by Erika Round, and because you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, I also love these Marc Jacobs transparent-frame sunglasses, which are a lighter alternative to black or tortoise.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on sunnies, take a look at the Suncloud Poptown Polarized collection. They are safe and very affordable, so you won’t be gutted should you lose them.


Look Chic At The Beach

There are plenty of good swimming spots in Croatia and it would be a shame to miss out on the experience. If you have the confidence to rock it, you can’t go wrong with a classic striped string bikini. It will always be in style and is surprisingly flattering to most body types. (All the adjustable strings mean you’ll get a perfect fit.)

For a little more coverage, a Norma Kamali one-piece bathing suit is demure but sexy at the same time. This bold swim cover-up can practically double as a dress.

They Are Ugly, But They Are Needed. Beach Shoes.

Croatia has a rocky coastline, and most of the beaches are pebbled. This can subsequently be hard on the feet. Also, sea urchins are known to make their home in these waters. Stepping on them barefoot can be a painful experience that may necessitate the need for medical attention. Therefore, travelers should bring and wear rubber-soled swim shoes.

With razor-sharp rocks, and little sea creatures ready to pounce, you’ll avoid a trip to the ER with a cheap pair of these beach shoes. Thanks to the rubber soles like these you can wear them to the beach and while swimming. Just be sure throw them in your bag when you head out at night.

You can buy beach shoes in Croatia at market stalls, but they are, um… really ugly. Like hideously ugly.

Unpredictable Weather

It happens in Croatia – have I said that enough? Bring a jacket with you. So please add to your packing list a cardigan and/or light jacket and maybe something comfy to laze about inside and watch the rain fall. I suggest leggings. They are light to pack and can double as a neck pillow for long bus rides.

If the rain kicks up, and you don’t want to be forced to look out the window instead of being out and about, pack a light waterproof jacket.

Knowing what to pack in the shoe department is hard. They take up so much room. Think comfortable but stylish shoes, such as a beautiful pair of sandals. Ladies should avoid high heels because attempting to navigate the cobblestoned streets in them could result in serious injuries. Travelers should also be sure to bring along comfortable footwear that is suitable for walking long distances. Even if one doesn’t plan to do any hiking, you will still cover a significant amount of ground simply by roaming from place to place. After all, there is no sense in coming back to the hotel room at night with sore feet. Below are our best suggestions:

Comparison Chart Of The Best Travel Shoes 2019

We took a look at which travel shoes are best and compared the features and price. The result is this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide which shoes suit you best.

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

The gladiator sandal is always popular. That shoe trend never seems to go out of fashion. And, a bonus is they are comfortable on your feet. Those cobblestone streets will actually give you hell if you try to wear shoes with a big heel. Wear these gladiator-inspired sandals to the beach or out at night, with a few colors to choose from. If you’ll spend a lot of time on cobblestones this summer, your feet will say thanks.

Espadrilles. With no end in sight to this fashion trend, it’s a safe bet to get one or three pairs in various colors to coordinate your wardrobe.

Fancy flip flops. Leave your regular flip flops back at the hotel, and opt for a slice- or slip-on like these. They don’t weigh much and look cute.

Block heels. Okay fine, you want a little heel? Then don’t go for anything higher than this. Trust me.

Total comfort. KEENs have a shoe that is midway stylish and comfortable and has an excellent price tag.



Boys Shoes

Oh, how lucky for boys! So many fewer options and worries. Cool kids are wearing loafers and these Cruyff Sneakers have become very popular!




Packing for a family trip can be daunting, and ever more scary is knowing what to bring on vacation when you have a toddler in tow. They always seem to need something you forgot to pack. We live right by the beach and often go with our son, so we’ve listed the top 17 travel checklist items you need for a fun day at the beach with your little one.

The one thing I would say is that you should bring with you a beach tent. It’s so hot here in Croatia that they are almost impossible to find during the summer season. The other essential item is wipes. With snacks, sand, sunscreen and maybe even ice-cream, you’ll need a lot of these. Luckily, they can be purchased all over Croatia, so just don’t forget to pack them if your little one has a need to use just one brand.

We have this full post dedicated on what to pack to go sailing. We’ve done it so many times now and know just what you need. Three essentials to pack are:

  • Soft-soled shoes. No need to buy fancy boat shoes, although there are so many super cool ones in stores like theses Keds! You will need shoes with a rubber sole to avoid making scuff marks (which can be deducted from your rental deposit) and also to ensure you don’t slip and fall on deck. Breaking a leg is one sure way to ruin your vacation on the azure seas.
  • Soft bag. If possible, pack your cute bikinis and tanning lotions in a soft bag, they always stow much easier than big the bulky hard suitcases that take up the far too much room. I like this Herschel Supply Co. bag, which comes in a bunch of colors and is made with polyester, so it’s easy to clean and won’t be easily damaged by salt water. Duffle bagslike these are an excellent option as they are big, but can be stored under your bed.
  • Motion sickness medication. If you tend to get seasick, these products are a must for any ferry rides that you will undertake during the trip.


It’s not all beaches here in Croatia; there are brilliant, bike and hiking routes as well. We also have eight spectacular national parks, with two sets of giant waterfalls to see. Whatever your preference, pack a few items such as comfortable walking shoes and a lightweight fleece to enable you to explore more comfortably.

      • Hiking boots with a good sole
      • A range of active wear
      • Comfortable walking shoes
      • Good socks. Lots of socks
      • Lightweight fleece
      • Wind protection. Often forgotten on a packing list, but you may get caught in some wind, so pack at least one pullover
      • A pashmina is also a superb idea if things get chilly. I used mine as a blanket on the bus and plane
      • Best Luggage

        Now that your wardrobe is ready to go for your summer vacation in Croatia (or just popping over for the weekend carnival), what do you pack it all up in? Try this lightweight suitcase from Rimowa. It’s chic, durable and light enough to push with a finger. I love that it’s a full 29 inches, yet weighs in at about seven pounds. This leaves ample space and weight to stock up on souvenirs at your destination!

        Packing List For Croatia_Rimwona 29 multiwheel suitcase | Croatia Travel Blog

        Packing List For Croatia: Luggage Ideas

        Best Daypack

        A small daypack is also necessary to carry your water bottle, layers, and camera if you plan to be out and about all day. You don’t need an expensive one, though. A durable, lightweight anti-theft travel backpack is all your need.

        Cameras and equipment. If you are using a digital camera, you may want to bring along a spare memory card or two, as well as an adapter. Visitors to Croatia may also want to invest in polarizing filters because these items will keep the intense sunlight and water reflections from spoiling your shots.

        What do you do for mobile internet when you travel? Can you get a good WiFi signal while visiting Croatia?

        Is it just me who hates being unplugged while on vacation? I want to share holiday snaps on Instagram – look here I am, come say hi. I also like to look up ferry times and restaurant reviews as I go. Carrying a massive guidebook is just not my style. So, I always use my roaming mobile internet and end up with huge phone bills or I try to connect to free WiFi when I travel, which, as you know, is not always easy to find.Therefore, if like me you can’t live without WiFi on vacation, consider getting a WiFi Network Adapter to help boost any WiFi signal. Alternatively, you could hire one of these really cheaply while in Croatia and never miss a connection.

        Pocket Wifi Europe: Stay Connected On The Go With TEP Wireless

        Don’t Forget To Pack The Essentials

        I am not about to tell you to pack undies, bras or toothpaste, but, because toiletries are one area where you can save a lot of room, I suggest you purchase an inexpensive hanging toiletry bag and pack in just the basics – in travel size.

        Don’t get carried away. While making your packing list for Croatia, remember these bonuses for packing light.

            • You’ll save money on expensive airline excess baggage charges
            • You’ll save time packing and unpacking at each stop
            • There will be less luggage to carry up and down stairs and across cobblestone walkways

        Packing The Not-So-Essential

        If you have room, you may want to think about some of these:

        • Beach chairs or towels. The rocky beaches and wooden docks found along the coast don’t often have lounge chairs available. So if you desire a cushiony place to sit and are coming by car from nearby locations, make room in your vehicle for beach chairs. If you have to deal with a budget airline and have limited suitcase space, you will still want to squeeze a good-sized or your fave travel towel in your bag, as the ones we have here are thin and “meh.” We recommend this  Microfiber Travel Towel from Active Roots

        • Reading materials. Guidebooks like these on Croatia are especially good because you can research your next destination during your downtime, sitting on the beach or waiting for the next ferry. If reading doesn’t sound appealing, be sure to bring along a deck of cards or other items to keep yourself entertained.
        • Snorkeling gear. There are a number of places to go snorkeling along the coast, so bring your best fins and masks if you already have a set.
        • Portable safe. If you plan to bring all cash and even if you are not (let’s be honest: it never hurts to have a small stash of money in case of emergencies), you may want to think about a portable safe. Having a safe place to stash your Kuna is a good idea.

        Do you now feel ready to pack for your Vacation in Croatia? What did we miss from this packing list for Croatia? Let us know below.

        What to Pack For Croatia Packing List | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog


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