5 Great Places to See Fall Leaves in NYC by

New York is a wonderful place to be during the autumn months when the foliage of the city goes through a dramatic change.

The leaves start transforming, turning yellow, orange and red. Although each of the city’s parks are beautiful and unique in their own way, certain parks offer better views than others.


Here are the 5 Best Parks to See the Best of the Fall Foliage in NYC:

1. Central Park

Central Park is a great place to observe the 20,000 trees that offer views of luscious foliage in the Autumnal months. The types of trees on display here are stunning, with Hawthorn, Tupelo, Oaks, Elm, Red Maple, Cherry, Beech and more.

The park has trails you can walk through and for a more thorough understanding of the foliage you can book a private fall tour in which you will be taken to the leafiest parts of the park.


2. Prospect Park

Prospect park is a sprawling park in New York, and Brooklyn to be exact. The green space is not a small one and is spread out over more than 500 acres, containing hundreds of maple trees, both sugar and red maple.

These are especially prominent near the park’s lake and with the arrival of autumn these turn orange and deep red. The park is also home to beautiful Elm trees, Sour gum as well as Sassafras trees. Some great viewing points in this park are the Lake, the Long meadow, Lookout hill and Brooklyn’s last forest, the Ravine.


3. New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden is home to New York’s largest wooded area, the ‘Thain Family Forest’ a 250-acre woodland area which contains trees dating back to the 19th century.

Here you will find more than a million plants and during the autumn months a large cluster of Oak, red Maple ad Tulip trees. The botanical garden also offers two ‘Fall Forest Weekends’ which include themed tours. It is interesting to note that New York Botanical Garden is also home to one of the world’s largest plant research and conservation programs.


4. The Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is located in Staten Island and offers 35 miles of trails to walk through, goes past the Serpentine Ridge and is one of the last forests in the city. This is a major park in New York city, offering almost 3,000 acres to forests, wetlands, lakes, ponds and streams.

It would be wise to keep an entire day aside when planning a trip to this park. Explore the glacial pond and a 16 acre-lake which reflect the fall foliage beautifully, walk through trails or go hiking in this green haven. 


5. Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park is located near the Bronx and is another great place to observe the fall foliage while staying in New York City. Most people don’t realize that Pelham Bay park is three times as large as Central Park.

There are several hiking trails in this park as well as a 13-mile long saltwater shoreline. Measuring almost 3,000 acres in size, there is foliage of all types here/ The park is also home to Hunter island and contains the largest continuous oak forest in Pelham bay Park.

This includes trees such as white, red and black oak, white pines, black cherry, black locust and Norway spruce trees. Don’t forget to visit the Kazimiroff nature trail which contains some of the best foliage found in the island.

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