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It is often said that of all books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. So true, isn’t it? But just imagine, how a simple packing fiasco could turn what was supposed to be the best vacation story of your life into an absolute nightmare! It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time traveler, packing for a trip abroad can be overwhelming.

Fret not, try out the ultimate checklist for international traveling for a glitch-free holiday!


Packing Checklist for International Travelling

Carry a sturdy bag

It is vital to carefully select the right bag to carry your luggage when you are travelling abroad. Make sure that your luggage carrier is light in weight, compact, easy to carry, sturdy and big enough to fit all your belongings.


Pack all your essential electronics

Whenever I plan my holiday, electronic devices are the first things that I put on my packing checklist. Make sure that all your essential electronic gadgets are carefully and safely tucked away in your bags. Also, carry an adapter and a power-bank on your international trip without fail!


Multipurpose clothing

Most international holidays comprise of multiple destinations having different climatic conditions. In such cases, it is not feasible to carry different types of clothes for different weathers! So, go for multipurpose clothes instead. Clothing items like pants that can be converted into shorts and all-weather jackets are your best bet when it comes to international holidays.


Travel documents

The most significant element of international trips is perhaps carrying the essential travel documents. From passports and air tickets to identity proofs and boarding passes, you need make sure that all your travel documents are in place and properly organized.



Vacation planning to destinations outside your own country involves carrying multiple currencies. Although you can exchange currencies at most international airports, it is always wise to carry some usable cash with you.


Medical kit

Medical care abroad can be expensive, especially if you are traveling without travel insurance. It is always better to carry your own first-aid and medical kit with your basic essential pills, pain killers and antiseptic creams.


Carry a small, handy backpack

Whenever you plan a holiday abroad, it usually involves a lot of sightseeing and requires you to stay on the roads for the entire day. So, it is always better to carry a small duffel bag consisting of all your essentials, travel documents, money and some extra space to fit your shopping into. Read this post for stylish and functional day packs.

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