Best Summer Destinations: Beat the Heat with Traveling by Ian Morris

Are you one of those people who dread the summers?

You are not a fan of hot, sunny days and you would love to flee to a stunning, cooler place. We can totally relate! It’s time for a vacation.

If you are still confused about picking a destination for your upcoming globetrotting adventure, we are here to help.

In this blog, we are going to suggest some of the most celebrated destinations for this summer. Get ready for an amazing travel experience, away from the dreadful heat, nagging humidity, and scorching hot sun.

Let’s see what we have on the list for you.


Beat the heat – Summer destinations:


Iceland tops our list! And, for all the right reasons.

We are talking about escaping this scorching heat, right! You don’t have to experience any heat in this country. Indulge in  the days with endless pleasant temperatures.

You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking and heavenly waterfalls, and you will witness the stunning hues of the rainbow in the waters. Marvel at the famous Strokkur Geyser, and wander on pure black sands on the beaches. Cruise along the interesting maze of freely floating icebergs. You can soak yourself in the warm and healing water of the famous Blue Lagoon. Don’t miss the opportunity of riding a native, Icelandic horse, watching whales, and walking across a gigantic glacier.

You will not regret going to this amazing country.



Beach is always a good idea when it comes to vacationing in summer. Fiji has more than 300 islands that look equally stunning and lovely at any time of the year.

Summer is dry in the region, and you will get to experience lower humidity, clear waters, cooler temperatures, and fewer rainstorms. If you know diving, you can take the opportunity of reveling in one of the best underwater environments in the world! You will get to witness whales, manta rays, coral reefs and an extensive array of bright-hued tropical fish. Don’t forget to take a waterproof smartphone to capture some breathtakingly stunning shots.

You will meet friendly native people, experience warm waters, silvery-white beaches, and a chance to behold spectacularly stunning sceneries. Try to catch their annual festival called ‘Bula Festival’. It is held in July for a whole week and you get to experience the history, food, and culture of this incredible country.

Resorts offer snorkeling, diving, surfing, fishing, spa treatments, and many other fun activities.


Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver Island is a part of those seven temperate rainforests on Earth.

The place is just perfect for all sorts of outdoor adventures. You will behold some of the world’s most scenic landscapes. The place is home to calm inland waters and mesmerizing open sea, soaring mountains, and lush rainforest. Take the opportunity to go surfing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, biking, and exploring the wildlife, and what not. If you wish to see orcas and that too, in the wild, you will get a chance to do that here.

Around 250 of these majestic animals inhabit the place, so you can have the adventure of having close encounters with them.


New Zealand

If you don’t know already, Summer in the United States is winter in New Zealand. How incredible it would be to fly away from scorching heat to pleasant and cool weather. It even sounds good.

Explore this country and witness magnificent snow-covered scenery, and some legendary slopes. Witness the beautiful ski resorts that the South Island boasts. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the Mount Ruapehu, the skiable volcano in the North Island. Also, soak in one of the many hot springs that are scattered throughout the country.

If you are into whale watching, June and July are the best months of the year to go.


Isle of Skye, Scotland

This beautiful destination stays cool and pleasant all summer long!

This incredible place features lofty, emerald mountains that have formed unique and unreal rock formations that give the place a fantasy-like look. Dramatic cliffs touch down the sea and stretches of sand. There are innumerable turquoise waterfalls, some of which fall into the great Atlantic.

Visit to witness what pure natural beauty feels like!


Look up more information about your chosen destination. Plan your itinerary online now. Hotels rates are cheaper if you book a month in advance. Some airlines also offer great rates if tickets are booked/purchased well in advance.

So get going!  

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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