Guide to Sightseeing in Delhi by Smile Travels

Although Delhi has a list of places where one could visit, experience, and attach themselves with the history of our culture, there is a lot more to explore too!
While you have been listing monuments, forts, tombs, and the likes in your ‘Must-Visit’ list as a part of your sightseeing tour in Delhi, this article will throw some light on everything beyond that! Remember, this article is your cheat code to have the most different and unique experience of the capital city.

Guide to Sightseeing in Delhi

1) Shop at the Asia’s Largest Spice Market 

Khari Baoli Road, alongside Fatehpuri Masjid at the western end of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, is home to the spiciest food in Asia. Flavors are what associated India toward the West, and it’s been doing business since the seventeenth century! Be that as it may, Gadodia Market (which is on the south side of Khari Baoli and is the place a considerable lot of the flavor shops are) was worked in the 1920s by a well off nearby trader. You’ll get the opportunity to see tremendous sacks of flavors being transported and sold. 

2) Listening to World Famous Qawwalis

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, the resting spot of one of the world’s most acclaimed Sufi holy people, Nizamuddin Auliya, pulls in Sufi aficionados from over the world. On Thursday nights, its patio ejects with the heartfelt sound of live qawwalis (Sufi reverential tunes) joined by conventional Indian instruments, which serenade the group of onlookers into a stupor. One of the families that play out the qawwalis has been singing there for many years.

3) Witnessing the Changing of Guard

The Changing of Guard function at Rashtrapati Bhavan is one of numerous comparative services that occur the world over (the most celebrated one is at London’s Buckingham Palace). However, it remains a generally obscure fascination in Delhi. Presented in 2007, the function was patched up and migrated in late 2012. It now occurs on the forecourt of the Presidential home each Saturday morning, where there’s space for 200 visitors. 

4) A Walk Through the Lanes of Delhi 6

Find out about the underbelly of Delhi, as you are guided on a stroll through the avenues of Paharganj and the zone around New Delhi Railway Station by kids who were once living and taking a shot at the lanes themselves. This is a one of a kind visit, described as extraordinary compared to other strolling visits in Delhi, plans to make the tale of Delhi’s road kids heard and to give a perspective of their reality through their eyes. It’s controlled by Salaam Baalak Trust, an association that gives sanctuary, sustenance, and support to the city’s destitute road kids.

5) Catch Hold of Ancient India

Underneath the Shadipur Depot connect in west Delhi, there’s a ghetto called Kathputli Colony. It’s home to around 800 specialists, a hefty portion of whom have spoken to India at demonstrates abroad. Mystical performers, trapeze artists, emulate craftsmen, puppeteers, performers, artists, and conventional artists are quite recently a portion of the entertainers who live in the settlement.

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