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I have only one vivid memory from my first summer vacation. Making this decision: “I will always travel.” My parents took me to Italy. A cozy little cafe in Cinque Terre. My parents smiling at each other. Me? Eating the best ice-cream in the world. When I try to describe happiness, this is the moment I think of.     

I didn’t break that promise I made to myself. Ever since I started working during college, a big chunk of the monthly earnings went into the vacation budget. Some say I love traveling because I’m a Sagittarius. That’s silly. I love traveling because I’m a human. We were meant to be curious. We were meant to explore. The world out there is making its calls and I’m listening. 

There was one thing wrong with the vacations I spent as a child with my parents: I was forgetting most of them. That summer in Cinque Terre was amazing, but I have a single memory – that moment with the ice-cream. 

I realized this when I was at college and we had to write a personal essay about a moment that defined our lives. I remembered that moment, but I couldn’t write an entire essay around it. I had to rely on writing services to help me with that assignment.

Well, that might’ve been a defining moment in my life, too. 

That’s when I decided I would start a travel blog. And it changed my life.


How starting a travel blog changed my life

1. I developed a connection with people from all around the world

I can even call them friends. My blog has loyal readers. They share their stories with me. They recommend the best places to see in a certain destination when I share my plans for the next trip. I learned a lot from them, and I am happy to say that my content helped them learn something, too.  


2. Blogging is great for personal branding

Believe it or not, my blog helped me get my first job after graduation. Blogging is the golden standard for personal branding. When a potential employer googles your name and they find out you run a successful blog, they will see you as a skilled, committed worker. 

Writing skills are always a bonus. Do you know how many reports and emails one has to write regardless of the job they have? Too many. That’s why employers pay so much attention to them.   


3. I improved my writing

I started maintaining my blog in college. It took a lot of my time and energy. This project was not just about sharing travelogues. Those are easy – you travel and you take notes about your experiences. You’re on a vacation. You have time for that. When you’re back, you take those notes and you turn them into a great post. You add a few pictures here and there, and there you have it – beautiful content that matters to people who plan to visit the same destination. 

I wrote such long posts twice a year. The rest of the time, I was at college and I wasn’t traveling. Since a blog has to be active, I started exploring different topics. I started writing about places I wanted to see. One post per week – that was my goal. 

A single post took hours of planning, research, and writing. That’s the kind of practice college professors are talking about when you’re wondering how you can get better at writing. It didn’t take long before I started noticing progress. I translated that skill into academic writing. Research, planning, writing – that’s the secret to a great blog post, but it’s also the secret to a great essay.  


4. Blogging keeps my memories fresh

It’s like my personal journal that witnesses all precious moments I’ve had. Photographs are not enough. They can capture a moment, but they can’t convey all thoughts and emotions. That’s what writing is all about. 

When I go through my old posts, all those moments are coming back to life. Hey; even scientists confirm this: blogging improves your memory.


5. Blogging helps me travel better

This is the most important benefit I get. Whenever I’m on a trip, I’m thinking about the post I’m going to write about it. Blog readers have expectations. A blog post has to be outstanding if I want them to like it. 

There are hundreds of other bloggers describing the same destination. What will make my writing special? The experience! I push myself to see more. I’m encouraged to talk to more people. I dare to taste strange foods just to describe them to my audience. I am a better traveler thanks to the inspiration I get from my readers. 


There you have it – my personal experience about the way blogging changed my life.

If you were considering blogging and you haven’t started yet, do it!

It’s an amazing experience.

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