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Candy is arguably one thing that people of all ages love and appreciate.

Candy lovers may like a vast variety of candies or maybe just the simple ones. Whatever may be one’s personal choice, there is an option for everyone’s palate at their favorite candy shop.

Not many people know about it, but ironically, one of the most popular forms of candy eaten around the world, the cotton candy, was invented by a dentist. William James Morrison invented cotton candy and other candy products.

Just like any other delicacy in the world of food and drinks, candy has become famous around the world. A candy store can be well known for a particular brand of candy that they make or are the sole suppliers of.

People all over the world surely enjoy a trip to the candy shop, sometimes with their kids just to have them experience their nostalgic memories.

The following are some brilliantly designed and well kept candy stores from around the world:


Brilliantly Designed Candy Stores Around the World

The Candy Room in Australia:

In Melbourne, one can visit this Willy Wonka-esque shop famous for its bright design. The artwork is reminiscent of a child’s drawings, which have been brought to life. This, along with the wide range of candies available, will surely bring out anyone’s inner child whatever their age may be.


The Jelly Bean Factory in California:

The Jelly Bean Factory in Fairfield, California is deservingly one of the world’s most stunning places that can provide an interactive experience for anyone visiting a candy store.

This place is frequented by enthusiasts and novices alike as it has a special event for all. One can don the lab coats and try one’s hand at making jelly bean concoctions, after learning all they can about them. This is part of their Jelly Bean university experience, apart from which there are tours, cafes and of course, and a well-equipped candy shop.


The SugarSin Store in London:

SugarSin shop in London is not one’s average pretty and well-designed candy shop. There’s something about the candy sold there that only those who visit it know well about.

A specialty of the store is that they sell Scandinavian sweets, even those, which are hard to find these days. Apart from these, they sell vegan and gluten-free products too which is all the rage these days. This, along with the cute design of the shop makes it a strong contender.


The Old Dutch Candy Shop in Netherlands:

This is not the average, run of the mill, pretty candy store one can expect to find in an urban area.

Sure it sells candies that are unique to the region, but what makes it stand out is that it is rooted in an area which is mostly inhabited by the working class of Amsterdam.

What makes it beautiful is that it is reminiscent of childhood memories for the adults when they used to save up coins and spend it standing at the bar, selecting candy one at a time.


Hello Kitty Sweets in Taiwan:

The main attraction offered by this Hello Kitty candy store is the exclusive culinary experience, based on Japan’s famous cartoon cat ‘Hello Kitty’.

Anyone who visits this shop is in for a visual experience, if they are overly fond of sickeningly cute designs and interiors. After getting past the large selection of chocolates and candies at the entrance, one can visit the dining area where they can enjoy cakes, entrees and pastries. Apart from this, to enhance the visitor’s experience, they offer a stay in a Hello Kitty themed hotel and also access to merchandise at a department store.


A la Mere de Famille in France:

Here, in the heart of France, is situated a Parisian candy shop that has been running successfully since its humble beginnings back in 1761. This is a favorite for all the candy enthusiasts in Europe and anyone who visits France, Paris.

A la Mere de Famille in Paris is not only significant for its beautiful renaissance-era design, but they give all their candies and chocolates in metal tins and satin wrapped packing. These make for good keepsakes for any tourist or local.


Candy stores such as these have become famous and well known for their distinct characteristics over time and certainly deserve the title of being some of the best candy stores around the world. Candy has come a long way from just a simple treat for children to a full-fledged culinary practice in today’s modern world.

It’s important for a shop selling candy to be appealing to the customer, not simply by selling chocolates and candies suiting the average customer’s palette, but also attracting them with their impeccable design and unique characteristics.

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