Travel While Sick: Tips to Feel Better by Amita Dewan

No one likes to get sick, and especially when they have a trip ahead of them. That is one of the worst nightmares you can ever go through.

Would you easily board a plane when you have shivers, fatigue, nausea or a stomach upset? My guess is that you wouldn’t.

But again, cancelling some travel plans may not be as easy as it seems. There are some special circumstances under which a planned trip has to go on, whether sick or not. The how do you feel better on that trip despite being sick?


Traveling While Sick: Follow these Tips to Feel Better

1. Get Sufficient Rest

For a busy parent or business person, the idea of rest is easier said than done. But biology has it that if you get sufficient rest, you are better placed to quickly recover. So the night before you travel, sleep for at least the recommended 8 hours. Give your body enough rest so that it gets the basic mechanism necessary to fix you. And even after you’ve reached your destination, do not over stress the body.


2. Water is Essential

Keeping the body hydrated while you are sick is a must. Scientists advice that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, make sure you follow this. It doesn’t just have to be the rain or spring water we are used to. You may consider coconut water, juices and other drinks. Drinking clean water gets rid of wastes from the body, allowing your membranes room to work better.


3. Pack your medication

The last thing you want to do before leaving your home is to forget your medications. This places you in the terrible position of having to go through the hassles of getting new drugs. It’s even much worse if your trip is into a different country. Think of all the insurance instances you have to go through! Pack your medication and reconfirm that indeed you have carried them with you.


4. Eat Right

Healthy eating is important for any person, whether sick or feeling well. But it becomes even more paramount if you travel while sick. Make sure you order for nutritious foods such as honey, chicken soup, and spicy foods. Even if you have an upset stomach, don’t refrain from eating.


5. Avoid getting other sicknesses

If you are suffering from a sickness, the last thing you want to do is get another sickness on top. Read up about the climatic condition of the area that you are visiting. If you are going somewhere cold, you should make sure to pack warm clothes in advance. You can also learn about any other possible impending dangers on your health.

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