Vegetarian Food in Europe: Survival Tips for Travelers by

Are you the one who is just petrified with the mere sight of meat and sausages?

Well, we totally understand the struggles pure vegetarians must be going through, while traveling all over.

It’s quite a task to get pure organic vegetables and meatless food in today’s era. Especially in the Islamic countries, where you would rarely find a vegetarian restaurant or food joint.

Now, if you are of impression that Europe too will give you a hard time at meals, here’s a sweet surprise for you! While Europe is a famously known for some really lip-smacking dishes, it’s equally delightful for vegetarians as well.

Here’s a list of places to enjoy vegetarian food in Europe.


Vegetarian Food in Europe: Survival Tips for Travelers

1. France 

‘Je Suis une vegetarienne’ Yes, you can survive without knowing French in France but you cannot survive with the non-vegetarian food there.

This is why they have a special treat for vegetarians. A Boulangerie (local bakery) is situated around every corner serves you some delicious croissants, breads, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and muffins. You can stuff the tummy with these best breakfasts every morning.

Surrender yourself to the yummy Paninis and Baguettes that are usually filled with Feta cheese and farm fresh vegetables.


2. Italy

You can simply call it a vegetarians’ paradise, as half of the menu on the list is that of homemade pastas, veggies, melted cheese, mushrooms, black olives, avocado and other things.

You can try out Fresh Italian pastas, pizzas with your choice of sauce and fresh cut green veggie salad or soup to sum up your lunch or dinner. Also, do not forget to keep a considerable amount of appetite for the dessert even if you’re full to the brim.

Italians take their hot chocolate too seriously 😉


3. Austria 

This place has great cafes and bars that serve vintage wines and beers. As for vegetarian food, Austrians make use of veggies, herbs and spices in their meals more than anything else, so you’re free to try out any random dish here.


4. Germany

This meat-loving country is the first country after India where you would actually get a vegetarian burger at McDonalds! Yes, it is true.

You can opt for it when you run out of choices, but if you desire to try something more authentic, go for Spatzle, in any of the restaurant. It is basically a homegrown version of soft delicious egg noodles.

To compliment your meal, you can order a refreshing beer known as Spezi (half beer – half lemonade).


5. Amsterdam 

It’s a hub for foodies, especially vegetarians. We quickly suggest you these super cool places to try out some delicious meals.

There are a multitude of international restaurants including Indian Chinese food at the ‘Chinese’ takeaway corners. Pesto veggie sandwiches, Falafel kebabs at Donor kebab stalls, Italian pastas, Mexican nachos and much more. Amsterdam is sure to impress you with their endless list of lip-smacking tantalizing vegetarian dishes.

Also, don’t forget to try their local specialties.



So next time you plan your Europe trip, you know where to stop for that yummy good veg food. Europe is known to be the largest tourist destination spot as the continent holds numerous countries under it.

Traveling to Europe is not much of a deal if you start early and book well in advance. 

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