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In this article we will evaluate and compare some of the most useful travel toys for toddlers.

What makes a good travel toy for a toddler?

The toy needs to keep your toddler’s mind occupied for a long period of time; it needs to be light and compact and it mustn’t break if dropped.

We will look at toys that are good for general travel (plane, train or bus) and then some that are specifically for car travel. Toddlers do grow tired of toys over time, so you might want to switch out the toys and add a new toy between trips.


6 Useful Travel Toys for Toddlers

Travel Magna Doodle

A Magna Doodle is like a chalk board. But, instead of drawing with a piece of chalk you use a magnetic pen. The pen only works on the board. That means your toddler can’t make a mess with it.

Once your toddler is done with one drawing, he pushes a button, clearing the board. That means they can keep drawing for hours on end.

This Magna Doodle isn’t very big, but that is ideal for traveling.


Animal Neck Pillow

The animal neck pillow is both a functional and a soft comfort travel toy for toddlers. You really need a neck pillow for your toddlers, if you want them to sleep sitting up for any length of time.

There are a large variety of animals so whether your kids like a pink hippo or a green frog, you will be able to find one.


Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are small, so easy to travel with and the time that toddlers can amuse themselves, with them is only limited by their imagination. You can also join in and act out little scenes with these puppets.


Play and Learn Laptops

For younger toddlers I would recommend the “Small World Express Preschool Laptop” and for older toddlers the “VTech Preschool Learning Tote ‘Devil Vape”. These laptops are great because of the time toddlers can play with them without getting bored. Both laptops are sturdy and won’t break if dropped.

Small World Express (for toddlers around 18 months of age) uses sounds and flashing lights, but isn’t too loud or distracting. The toy is intended to help the child learn cause and effect. It also helps with basic math.

Vtech (for toddlers around 3 years of age) laptop comes with 30 activities, intended to teach math, music and language.


Snack and Play Travel Tray

A big problem with car travel and toddlers are that they drop what they are holding and then can’t get at it.

This leads to a noisy and unhappy toddler. A good travel tray is the solution to this problem. This travel tray clips and un-clips easily from the seat, so great if you make periodic stops. The tray is light and plush, so perfect for car travel. Also it has useful bags on the sides.


Travel Music

There are several CDs available specifically for toddlers. In the car, they can both listen and sing along to them.

Hopefully you will find that these travel toys for toddlers your journey will be much easier.

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