Where to have the best Langos in Budapest

Once you established where to stay in Budapest, you need to start thinking about the second best thing in Hungary: food. When it comes to having an epic langos in Budapest, you need to avoid any potential tourist trap and go straight for the best place which is guaranteed to sell traditional, well made, well shaped and perfectly fried langos. We were lucky enough to meet another Hungarian friend who showed us the secret place where we could go finally enjoy the best langos in Budapest. And by the way, prices start from £1. Pretty difficult to say no. 

What is a Langos?

I am glad you asked. Langos is a Hungarian food speciality. It is a deep-fried dough, made into a round, flat shape. The name comes from láng, the Hungarian word for flame. The modern langos, despite its name, is deep fried and not done in open flame. The mighty langos is also made in Serbia, where it was introduced by local Hungarians. You can purchase langos in various places in Romania, especially in Transylvania. Lalanga is the Turkish name for langos and was present both in the Byzantine and Ottoman cuisines. Lalanga continues to be part of the Turkish cuisine, as well as the Greek Cuisine where langos is called Lalagia.

Langos Budapest

Traditional toppings on a langos

The dough for langos is made of water or milk and flour, yeast, sugar and salt. Most of the time, you will find that langos in Budapest is made of water. Some people also add mashed potatoes to the dough but that’s called potato langos or krumplis langos.

Traditional langos has sour cream and grated cheese on top. Some like to add garlic to it as well. The langos should be eaten fresh, as soon as you get it from the vendor. In recent years, langos in Budapest become more of a pizza base, with all sort of great ingredients being added to it: ham, sausages, mushrooms, eggplant, eggs etc. Because it’s so versatile, langos can also become a sweet dessert as the fried bread resembles the taste of a doughnut. Just add sugar and jam on top.

Traditional Langos Budapest with Paprika

Langos in Budapest

Langos is popular all year long. It’s an affordable Hungarian street food and very simple to make. A simple langos with no extra toppings costs £1 (350 HUF). It’s a popular food celebrated in Central and Eastern Europe.

For the best Budapest langos, we recommend that you head over to Retró Lángos Büfé. You will see some Hungarian motifs on the stall. It’s a very small place with just a few tables and chairs in front of it. It’s popular amongst locals, so expect a queue. The menu has some English for your ease. If you don’t have dietary requirements, we recommend you try a traditional langos: topped with sour cream and grated cheese.

Here is the address for the Budapest langos we recommend:

Retró Lángos Büfé
Budapest, Podmaniczky Frigyes tér 4, 1054

There are various other places you can get langos in Budapest. Head over to the Street Food Karavan Budapest in District VII where you can buy langos with paprika on top for example, as well as other interesting Hungarian street food options.

Street Food Karavan
Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 18, 1075

Some restaurants will also sell langos but normally to replace the pizza base. I mean, imagine eating a fried pizza: incredibly delicious.

Vegan Langos Budapest

Vegan langos in Budapest

Don’t worry, vegan friends, we’ve got you covered. We love langos and ever since we became plant-based, we were convinced it’s going to be impossible to eat this amazing Hungarian speciality. I mean, fried bread with amazing toppings? Yes, please. When our friend took us to the Retró Lángos Büfé, we were convinced we are only going to order a simple langos with no toppings, but to our surprise, the shop had so many topping options for vegans, including mushrooms, jalapeno pepper, olives, peppers and more. In fact, they even have a filled vegan langos which has all plant goodies in it. Pretty amazing, right? Although we are quite vehement about healthy eating, we now know we can have a cheeky langos now and then. And the good news? With all the toppings, the langos is no more than £2.50. That’s lunch sorted, on a lovely sunny day.

Delicious Langos Budapest

Your turn now. Tell me about your Budapest langos experience and where did you find the best langos in the city? Leave a comment below to tell us your story.

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