Awakening my Inner Kardashian

I was never high maintenance … or a diva.  I’m not super into make-up … though … those makeup tutorials are making us all embrace the bold inner self.  I use to eye my eyes at things like the make-up tutorials and stuff … but the more I think about it, the more it’s awesome.  It lets people experiment, and play around with what they like.  If I had those … maybe I wouldn’t have gone through my black lipstick phase.

Couldn’t find an old photo of that stage of my life, so here a close enough shot.  Believe I looked JUST like this … [lying]

So it’s a little derivative … so it’s a little shallow … I don’t have a problem with it.  We need to express ourselves in ways that it’s hard to put into words, or a song … so sometimes we need to say something not in words, or art – but with a presence, and owning the presence, mastering the expression itself, so we’re not just wearing makeup we’re saying something about ourselves.

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