You bet’a Belize it (the Belize series 1)

So the new adventure… Belize! We scored some cheap tickets from Beau’s Jedi mind tricks (he knows someone who told him there was a seat sale).

Jedi mind tricks.

So anyway, we didn’t have time to plan much. I’m normally a big planner, not with itineraries and timelines, but more of a coffee stained post-it note with a wish lists.

Normally they go like this:

  • Sky diving,
  • Learn to dance,
  • Surfing lessons,
  • Sailing

So ambitious, so misguided.

It actually turns out like this:

  • Sitting on beach,
  • Finding used book store,
  • Reading,
  • Napping,

I do get some fun in.. But i don’t normally go so adventurous as I intended.

This trip I wanted to chill, chill more so… So much so in fact that my coffee stained post-it was just a list of Books to bring.

Link to best beach books for real people

So we didn’t have much of a schedule, we were winging it. And I’ve been having a kind of stressful few months, so I enjoyed my being in control. I let Beau do It all. Well… Most.

So… It begins.

I overpack. I know I’ve overpacked. Beau has warned me not to overpack. One backpack can harbour a surprising amount of things, but the weight of those things on your pack for a few hours, starts to do more than weight you down.

I was feeling a little impetuous, is that the right context for that? I was being a little asshole. I overpacked and knew it and I was determined to bare that cross.

Living with a Scorpio… There should be a support group for people like Beau, who have to deal with this everyday.

To the airport

We leave the car at my work, which was close to the airport. It was 3am, and snowing and dark… And we were cranky. I’m not sure why we were cranky, i don’t think it’s one of those quantifiable things. Early + snow + airport + overstuffed backpack = cranky

We leave the car at the parking lot call a cab and off we go. But wait… I’m still wearing my crazy thick winter jacket. 😡

I ask the cab driver to bring my jacket to my friend’s house, gave him the address and said good-bye to my winter coat.

spoiler… I actually did get my coat! The taxi driver brought it to my friend’s house. What I 💎!

Okay, so normal airport stuff, until…. We sit at the gate waiting, I’m so sweaty and gross, cranky and unkempt… And that backpack is way too much for me.

Oh look it’s Beau’s ex-girlfriend who is trying really hard to get back with him, and has the same first name as me… And… Has the same kind’a features as me… In a general way of course. Great… So I’ve got to meet the ex like this.

But of course you have to put on the brave face… Pretend that this is your fabulous self and I don’t need make up, or deodorant… Or self-respect (cuz that backpack…. Gawd).

I smile and introduce myself try but to think too much info the situation, but… Really…. There’s a lot of material to work with.

In the next post, we’ll actually get to Belize, no more drama. Promise.