Seven Amazing Montreal Festivals

Montreal is a city of holidays.

Canadians like to have fun and are able to plan their holidays.

Every year festivals in Montreal are becoming more diverse. Festive activities capture the streets of the city all year round.


Here is the List of the Most Famous Festivals in Montreal:

The Festival of Lights

In winter, in the coldest weather, the Festival of Lights takes place in Montreal. It is one of the most impressive in Canada. The city is illuminated by an incredible number of lamps, lanterns, searchlights, fires and torches: the extravaganza of light lasts a whole decade.

The program of the festival is full of multimedia performances, performances and concerts. Especially spectacular is the show in Old Port, where a dynamic game of light is accompanied by a stunning gymnast.

In February, there is the Festival of Light. For 10 whole days, the people have fun. These are festivities, entertainment shows, music festivals, sports competitions.

All this is accompanied by a magical glow: lights, searchlights, lamps, torches, candles, bonfires, and of course, fireworks. Within the framework of the festival, you can get to the Museum of Archeology and History of Pointe-a-Calier even at night. At this time, visitors to the city are treated to photo exhibitions, art galleries, and sculpture expositions.


The Jazz Festival

The International Jazz Festival in Montreal is the most popular worldwide jazz festival, which has been held annually for more than 30 years.

The festival is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world. It takes place in the old part of the city on the banks of the river. More than 2000 musicians from 20 countries participate in the festival’s concerts, and the number of amateurs who agree to listen to music on the streets even in the rain has exceeded 2 million people in recent years.


The World Beer Festival

The World Beer Festival gathers connoisseurs of this intoxicating drink in early June. Part of the point of the festival is the tasting of beer and cider that is local, produced in Quebec, from all over Canada and even from abroad. All events are accompanied by music and a good mood.


The Festival For Fun

The Festival For Fun is held in July. In its framework, there are free street shows and performances of clowns and comedians. The comedy show itself is paid. However, the price is worth it. After all, laughter prolongs life. Up to 2 million people participate in this festival.


The Montreal International Fireworks Festival

The Montreal International Fireworks Festival gathers representatives from all over the world in the La Ronde Park.

For the competition, the teams are nominated by the participating countries. Those fireworks, which are the most beautiful and more magnificent win the competition.

You have to pay to enter the park. Nevertheless, you can see this action from other parts of the city. The time of the festival is from the middle of June to the end of July.


The Balloon Festival

The Balloon Festival is increasingly becoming popular. The scales of these flying objects are surprising.

There is a balloon of a huge animal, and a lot of colorful balls flying over the ground. The time of the festival is Saturdays from mid-June to the end of July.


The World Film Festival

The World Film Festival in Montreal is also known throughout the world. Since 1977, filmmakers come here to present their work in different languages. More than 70 countries take part in the festival from the end of August to the beginning of September.


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