The Locations Of The UK's Best Gin Distilleries

Gin is an alcoholic beverage that was made popular in the United Kingdom despite originating in Holland. 2016 was a record breaking year for sales of Gin in the UK.

If you are a Gin enthusiast or just want to try some unique gins on your next trip, we have laid out some of the most unique tasting gins and where you can sample them below.


The Locations Of The UK’s Best Gin Distilleries

Slamseys Sloe Gin

Slamseys Sloe Gin is definitely a unique gin that is made by Slamseys Drinks Ltd. It is made with local wild blackberries from the Slamseys Farm in Great Notley. This is just outside of the town of Braintree in Essex County in Eastern England.


Startpoint Salcombe Gin

Startpoint Salcombe Gin is produced in the small riverside town of Salcombe located in the Southwestern part of England. It is produced with the traditional one shot method by the Salcombe Distilling Co. and features ingredients such as cubeb and licorice root.


Newcastle Gin

Newcastle Gin is made in the city of Newcastle in Northern England. It is made in house by the Bealm House which serves drinks and food. Not only can you sample it on the spot, but you can see how it is produced as well.



If you find yourself in Northern Ireland head to Newtownards which is located east of Belfast. There you will find the Echlinville distillery which produces the jawbox classic dry gin. This distillery has been in operations for over 400 years.


These are just a few of the many distilleries found throughout the United Kingdom that produce gin. 

Happy Drinking!


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