Where to Stay in Bangkok – A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods

What to Pack – Bangkok is a hot city all year round. Make sure to bring clothes that you will be comfortable in.

Sunblock is also essential. If you are interested in visiting temples, make sure to bring long skirts/pants to cover legs and light long-sleeve shirts to cover shoulders.

Some temples offer cover-ups for rent, but many will simply turn you away.

Thailand uses the baht. Most places will take cash. Fewer take card (most large stores and hotels will though).

Taxi Tip: Always make sure the taxi drivers turn on their meter. Some will refuse to take you places or run the meter and simply ask for a set price.

If you prefer this, agree on a price BEFORE getting in. I was often shocked by what tourists would pay for a taxi.

Don’t get scammed! There are decent drivers who will run the meter and take you where you want to go; sometimes it does take some patience.

where to stay in bangkok tuk tuk driver

Get a tuk-tuk driver when looking for a place to stay in Bangkok

Transit: There are two train lines in Bangkok: the BTS (above ground) and the MRT (below ground).

The BTS train has two lines the Silom line and the Sukhumvit line. At connecting stations, pay attention to the direction and line you are getting on.

Getting to and from the airport: There is a train that runs to the Suvarnabhumi airport, the major international airport.

It is called the ‘Airport Rail Link’ and it is accessible from the BTS. From the other airport Don Muang, which is more for domestic flights and international flights throughout South East Asia, you can take a cheap local A1 bus.

It runs both to and from the last stop on the BTS, Mo Chit.

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