Where to Stay in Hong Kong – A Local’s Guide to the Best Places and Accommodation

The heart of Kowloon, Mong Kok in Chinese means a ‘popular corner’.

Known for its crowded streets, it’s the place to be for those who love street food and local shops.

I practically spent my entire childhood there, roaming the markets and streets where you can buy everything you need.

For shopping, it’s best to head to Ladies Market to sass out the latest trend, though I personally prefer the Argyle Center and Fa Yuen Street for the more affordable fashion.

For something a bit different, there are the Flower Market, Gold Fish Market, and Birds Market, it’s a colorful district that is best explored on foot.

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hong kong neighborhood

The shopping in Mong Kok is less high end than Causeway Bay, and the area is often portrayed as the triad’s territories with mahjong places and massage parlors.

Nowadays, it’s popular for youngsters with a new street food or bubble tea places opening every week.

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